Warranty Terms and Conditions

Jroll Ltd. Warranty



Jroll Ltd. (“Jroll”) proudly offers a warranty for the JROLL X10, protecting against defects in materials and workmanship during normal use. This warranty commences from the date of purchase from either jroll.com or a Jroll retailer. It is essential to note that this warranty exclusively applies to the original purchaser and is non-transferable.

Furthermore, this warranty is valid solely within the country of purchase, provided that Jroll has officially designated the product for sale in that specific country.

To ensure warranty service, please retain your proof of purchase and upload it during product registration on our website (see more at jroll.com/welcome).


Warranty Duration

  • Main X10 Unit, X10 Lid, X10 Charger:
    up to two (2) years.
  • Wear & Tear items:
    The warranty does not include parts that are affected by wear and tear, such as Batteries, Grind & Mix unit, Jtubes and accessories included with the products, such as, Carry Case, Cleaning Cloth, Brush, etc.


Warranty Service

In the event of a covered defect arising and a claim being made during the Warranty Period, Jroll Ltd. will, at its discretion and within the bounds of applicable law:

  1. Repair the product defect.
  2. Exchange the product with a new one or a functionally equivalent model.

To initiate the warranty process, all machines eligible for warranty support must be returned to and received by an authorized Jroll Service Center.  Contact Jroll Customer Support at orders@jroll.com. After we receive your email, and have confirmed that your product is eligible for warranty, we will provide you with the appropriate return address for the item.



This Limited Warranty does not extend to:

– Normal performance degradation of batteries and accessories.

– Wear and tear resulting from regular use.

– Failure to adhere to use and cleaning instructions.

– Commercial use of the X10. The X10 is a home-appliance and not an industrial device.

– Any non-Jroll products.

For inquiries regarding replacement batteries or repair services, please contact the Jroll support team.


Inspection and Notice of Defects

Upon delivery to the customer or a third party appointed by the customer, the delivered items must undergo thorough inspection. Apparent defects must be reported in writing within seven (7) business days after delivery to be considered. In the case of hidden defects, notice must be received by us within seven (7) business days after the defect becomes apparent, but no later than twelve (12) months after the transfer of risk. Any negotiations pertaining to a complaint shall not serve as a waiver of objection due to late, insufficient, or unjustified notice of defect.


Warranty Voidance

It is essential to understand that trying to mend any part or the device by yourself, or intentionally opening or disassembling your machine, or any of its parts, in any manner will void your warranty. In case you are experiencing any issues, do not try to fix before you contact support at hello@jroll.com.


Shipping and Customs

Jroll will cover the costs of shipping the product to and from the customer. However, any customs duties and public charges incurred during the process must be borne by the customer.


Service Fee

In the event that warranty claims are raised, and a product check conducted by Jroll or the authorized Customer Service determines no fault or defect, or if a warranty claim is deemed invalid due to any of the reasons outlined above, Jroll reserves the right to charge a service fee of €75.00 and shipping costs. This fee will not apply if it is established that the customer was unable to detect the unjustified nature of the warranty claim.

*Note: This warranty applies solely to the original end-user purchaser and is non-transferable.*

For any inquiries or assistance with warranty claims, please contact Jroll Customer Service.

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