Jroll X10 User Guide

Here you’ll find everything you need to know on how to operate your X10.

Before first use, be sure to review important safety information!

Safety Information

ONLY use as intended.

Dry Herbs Only: Insert only dry herbs into the Grind & Mixing unit. Placing hard materials inside the unit can be very dangerous and can cause immense unwarranted damage to the device. Use the X10 only for grinding, mixing and filling pre-rolled paper cones and make sure you read the Full Manual carefully.

Keep away from magnets or devices sensitive to magnets.

The X10 contains magnets: It is important you keep the X10 away from magnets, which also means you should not put two X10’s next to each other. Make sure to keep at least 15 cm distance between devices. Devices sensitive to magnets should also be kept at a distance.

Be careful of the Sharp Blades!

Contains Sharp Blades: The extractable Grind & Mix unit contains very sharp blades. Never reach deep into the Grind & Mix unit with your fingers. Always extract the Grind & Mix unit when removing material from inside, by lifting the unit out of the X10 by the inner edges.

Do not put pressure on the door.

Avoid Damage: The front door of the X10 should not be exposed to pressure, as this could result in damaging the element.

First Time Use

Charge your X10

Your X10 device comes with its own Type C charger. To plug the charger into the device, insert it at the back under the Silicon cover.

How to turn the X10 ON for the first time? (also used for reset)

First time: At the back of the X10 you will find a silicon cover. Lift the cover to reveal the ON/OFF switch and the USB-C charging socket. Move the switch to the right position, as shown in the video, to turn on the X10.
This action can also be used to reset your X10 device.

Standby Button & Sleep Mode

Sleep Mode: To preserve battery, the X10 will automatically go into sleep mode, after 5 minutes of no use. To wake up the X10, touch and hold the Standby button until HELLO is shown on the display.

Switching between modes

Menu: To navigate through the menu, turn the top lid to the left or right to select the desired mode.

The X10 Top Button

Main Button: Use the X10 to select or activate desired modes, by simply pressing on the lid.

Loading the X10 with Jtubes

Loading Cones: Select LOAD from the menu and press on the lid to open the door. Insert a paper cone into a Jtube and gently place the Jtube in the empty slot. Make sure one of the openings on the side of the Jtube is facing you when placing in the empty socket.
Don’t push down on the Jtube, as this will crush the paper cone inside.
Press on the lid to load up to 10 Jtubes.


  • Your X10 comes with 10 Jtubes, which you will find in the carry case.
  • The X10 will only LOAD a Jtube filled with a paper cone. If the cone is missing, the door will open again with the empty Jtube.

First Time Rolling

Adjust it the Way You Like it!

The X10 comes with adjustable fill height and density settings. If you like to fill the cone to the top and like it more compressed, change the settings accordingly.

The Default settings are:

  • STACK (fill density): LOW
  • LEVEL (fill height): LOW

To change stacking density and filling height, select SET from the menu. Press on the lid to enter the setting mode and STACK will be displayed.
Press again and scroll to select LOW, MED or HIGH. Stack LOW for a looser density or HIGH for a more compressed cone. Press on the lid to select your preferred stacking setting.

Next, the display will show LEVEL, press again, and select between LOW and HIGH filling height. To confirm press and you are ready to roll as you like it. The two levels are shown in the image below.

Depending on the type of dry herbs used, the accuracy of LOW and HIGH Level settings could be affected.

Adding and Weighing Herbs

Remove the lid and wait a few seconds for the integrated scale to calibrate. When 0.0 is displayed, insert your herbs into the grind chamber.

Warning: be careful of the sharp blades.
The Grind & Mix unit contains sharp blades. Never reach with your hands into the grinder. Always extract the Grind & Mix unit from the X10, before cleaning or removing material from the grinder.

Grind your Herbs

Done weighing your herbs, just close the lid and the X10 will automatically switch into GRIND mode. Press once on the lid and the X10 will start grinding and mixing your herbs.


  • The X10 will automatically adjust the Grinding time based on the amount of Herbs you placed inside.
  • You can stop the Grinding while it’s working at any time by pressing once on the top lid.
  • In case the Herbs need additional grinding, just press the top lid while it’s on Grinding mode, till the herbs are clear and inside the Mixing chamber.
  • If in Grind mode, the X10 doesn’t grind and shows CHECK, then make sure the material you inserted is not causing the blades from turning. When doing so, ALWAYS extract the Grind and Mix unit first!
  • CHECK can also appear when the Grind & Mix unit needs a proper cleaning.


When the grind has finished, just press on the lid to ROLL and the X10 will prepare your cone. Whenever there is material in the Grind & Mix unit, just press on the lid again to produce another perfect roll.

This process should usually take around 10 seconds, depending on your fill up settings.
At this point, anytime you press Roll and as long as you have enough Herbs, the X10 will prepare your roll on demand!

Please note: that you can access the Roll mode by turning the top lid left or right, at any given time.

Know Your X10

How to Extract and Insert the Grind & Mix unit

Extracting the Grinding Cup:

Remove the top lid and you will see the Grind & Mix unit inside the X10. Carefully use your finger tips to extract the Grind & Mix unit from the inner edges of the unit. Make sure not to place your fingers too deep into the Grind & Mix units as it has very sharp blades.

Inserting the Grinding Cup:

The Grind & Mix unit has a ledge/line that sticks out. Use this ledge to align the Grind & Mix unit with the little white triangle located on the top of the device. Slowly insert the unit into the X10. The unit should fit in smoothly. If not and you feel a certain friction, it means that the unit’s ledge is not aligned properly with the groove inside the device.

In some cases, the Grind & Mix unit won’t slot in all the way. This happens when the connecting element (coupling) at the bottom of the Grind & Mix unit does not align with the socket inside the device. To solve the issue, remove the Grind & Mix unit and twist the connecting element (coupling) at the bottom of the unit a bit, and insert the unit again.

Please note: When closing the top lid, make sure it sits properly. If it doesn’t, see below the potential reasons:
1. The Grind & Mix unit have not been inserted correctly.
2. The Grind & Mix unit’s bottom plate needs cleaning.
3. The servo engine inside the device is not at the right position. Remove the Grind & Mix unit and restart the X10 using the ON/OFF switch. After turning on the X10, try again to insert the unit.

How to Lock and Unlock your X10

The X10 features a Lock mode for when you are not around.

When the device is ON, place your finger over the Standby button for a few seconds till the LOCK message appears on the screen, and that’s it, the device is locked.

Place your finger on the Standby button to wake up the X10 and the message LOCK will be displayed. Turn the top lid left or right and select OPEN. Press once on the top lid and you are good to go!


Your X10 grinds many varieties of herbs, and it gets sticky and dirty. Therefore, we advise cleaning the device after every cycle (cycle = grinding and filling 10 cones).

How to clean your X10 device

The X10 get’s messy and it needs some care, we advise you to maintain your device for long lasting and good performance every cycle (Grinding and filling 10 cones)

We will start by selecting the CLEANING mode, press the top lid once and the X10 dispensary door will open, allowing you to remove the JTubes and to blow air into where the JTubes socket, Herbs will be flying out. By pressing the top lid button you can switch between each socket, repeat this process until all the 10 JTubes sockets are clean.

Step 2 – please continue to the next video

How to clean your X10 device - Step 2

Step 2 – for removing all the little herbs that are hard to reach, first, extract all the JTubes from the device. Then remove the top lid and carefully extract the Grinding Cup. Under a plate or a try, lift your X10, flip it and shake your device gently (don’t worry, your X10 is tough) and you will see crumbs of herbs falling out, repeat this until all herbs are out for a second use!

How to clean the Grind & Mix unit

To clean the Grind & Mix unit, you will need:

  • The Jroll Brush
  • Alcohol wipes or spray (70%)
  • Tray to capture the leftover Herbs.

Remove the X10 lid and extract the Grind & Mix unit fully from the device.

DO NOT place your fingers all the way into the Grind & Mix unit. The distance of the Blades from the Cup edges is 4cm, so use only the edges of the unit for extraction.
DO NOT wash your Grinding Cup in the dishwasher!

The Grind & Mix unit is assembled with 4 parts:

  • Grind Chamber
  • Mix Chambers
  • Removably sieve.
  • Bottom tray.

Separate the Grind chamber from Mix chamber, by twisting the two parts in opposite direction (anti-clockwise).
To close both parts you will need to find the “locks” on each side, align them both, connect and twist to assemble the unit.

Removing the sieve from the Mix chamber is a little tricky and you should be very careful because of the sharp blades. Carefully place both of your thumbs on each side of the net, with some small force squeeze your thumbs in and out carefully remove the sieve.

To place the sieve back into the Mix chamber, carefully insert the sieve and align the plastic edges with the inside of the Mix chamber.
Make sure the sieve bottom inner circle aligns exactly with the pink silicone circle on the base of the blades.

Removing the bottom tray from the Grind & Mix unit. See image below on how to extract the tray. It is very important you check this part frequently and make sure its clean, otherwise you might experience issues with the filling process or functioning of the Grinder.

Common issues with a dirty Grind & Mix unit are:

  1. In Roll mode, although with enough material in the Mix chamber, the cones don’t fill and the X10 shows EMPTY. This indicates the bottom tray is dirty and the hole at the bottom of the Grind & Mix unit is blocked. Remove tray and clean.
  2. In Grind mode, the X10 shows CHECK and does not grind. This means the axel of the blades is experiencing friction because of the build up of material residue inside the Mix Chamber.

How to assemble the Grind & Mix unit

The Grind & Mix unit is assembled with 4 parts:

  • Top Part (Black)
  • Bottom Part (Transparent) with grind blades and mix chamber
  • Net / Sieve
  • Bottom Tray

Separate the Top Part from the Grind & Mix unit, by twisting the Top Part counter-clockwise from the Bottom Part.
To assemble the two parts, you will need to find the “locks” on each side, align them both and twist clock-wise to lock.

BE CAREFUL when extracting the Net from the Grind & Mix unit is a little tricky. Carefully place both of your thumbs on each side of the net, and gently apply some force by squeezing your thumbs in and out carefully pull out the net, you will have to move the net in order to remove it from the blades. Also make sure nothing is putting force on the coupling at the bottom of the Grind & Mix unit, to avoid unwanted movement of the blades.

To insert the Net back into the unit, carefully insert the Net hole into the blades, you will have to play with it until it will fit in, then, you will see the plastic edges where the Net can be pushed in to be locked.

Please note! After inserting the Net around the blades and placing it where the small corners locking the Net in, gently push it in till the Net bottom edges touch the pink silicone.


How to Charge your X10

Your X10 device comes with its own Type C charger. To plug the charger into the device, insert it at the back under the Silicon cover.

How do I know if the X10 is getting charged?

To assure that your X10 is getting Charged, using the top lid, switch to the battery mode, the battery % should flash on and off indicating that all is good. If not it means that there is no electricity going through, please check the charger or maybe the C type plug is not connected properly to your X10.

“Charge Me”

Well, you know what you need to do…

DO NOT use any other chargers i.e. Phone charger – The X10 has a specific charging voltage needs and by connecting the wrong charger you are placing your X10 battery at risk!

Register your Jroll X10

Register your Jroll X10

Register your X10: We recommend that your register your Jroll product as soon as possible after purchase. Once registered you will enjoy our full warranty coverage, customer support and much more. To register you Jroll X10, scan the small QR code on the bottom of the device and complete the form.


Although the X10 is doing its best to perform, it may encounter occasional glitches. However, none of these glitches are beyond your ability to fix. Listed below are most of the glitches that could occur. If you discover a glitch that we’re not aware of, please inform us at hello@jroll.com.

Grinding Cup Troubleshooting:

If this icon is displayed on your screen it means that your Grinding Cup is inserted incorrectly or you are missing a part of the Cup.

Extract the Grinding Cup and see if all the parts are connected correctly, make sure that the Top Silicone Tube is locked with the Mixing Chamber and the bottom Flap Tray is connected properly.

How to insert the Grinding Cup properly?

On the side of your Grinding Cup, you should see a thin plastic line, there is only one 🙂
The plastic line should be aligned with the white triangle located on the top of your X10 edge.

Tip: Make sure that you have not forgotten to assemble the Flap Try to the bottom of your Grinding Cup, sometimes it gets forgotten.

Grinding Cup Splitted inside the X10?!

Have you tried to extract the Grinding Cup and only the Top Silicone Tube came out while leaving the rest inside? Not to worry, first, here is what you need to do:

Once you have the Top Silicone Tube out, please be careful, this means that the Blades are now exposed inside the X10.
Carefully place both of your thumbs to reach the net from both sides, gently place some force on the sides of the Net and pull out the Mixing Chamber.


Why is it happening?
It simply happens when the Mixing Chamber is not locked with the Top Silicone Tube all the way, please make sure that you lock it properly before you place it into your X10 device.

The Grinding Cup “Lock” is not locking…

If it continuously happens it means that the Cup is damaged and you should not use it again.

The X10 Door is crooked and it's not opening properly?

If your X10 door is not closing correctly, don’t worry, it looks worse than it is and can , but can easily be fixed.
Most probably, it simply means that the door has popped out of its rail.

To fix this, first turn the X10 OFF and ON. This will fully close the door.
After, remove the Grind & Mix unit first, so you can get access from behind the door, as shown in the video.
Using one of your hands, push the door from the inside outwards. This should place the door back in its rail.
Turn the X10 OFF and ON again, and everything should work like a charm!

Why is it happening?

Well, it is quite rare, but specific pressure, like the accidental thumb that presses too hard, or shocks during shipping can cause the door to get out of it rail.

The X10 Device is not reacting or acting strange?

Sometimes the X10 gets confused, all you have to do to straighten things up is to reset your X10 by switching it off and on, using the main switch located at the back of your X10, under the charging slot, your X10 will reset itself and life should be good again.

Tip: Make sure your X10 is charged and avoid operating it while the battery is low, your X10 needs power to serve you properly.

Cones come out empty - Grinding Cup

If you have enough Herbs in your X10 and the cones are coming out empty, It can mean only one thing, your Grinding Cup Flap Tray got jammed and it needs a clean up.
Remove your Grinding Cup from your X10, then by sliding it out with both of your fingers, remove the Flap Tray located at the bottom of the Grinding Cup and give it a proper clean.
Then, make sure that the fill-up door flap is sliding smoothly, use your brush for a stronger cleaning, that door flap should close all the way easily.
If this doesn’t work, please continue t the next step – how to rest the servo 👇

Cones come out empty - Reset Servo

Sometimes, the servo arm that opens the flap tray may become misaligned, preventing the door from opening and allowing the herbs to fill the cone. This can result in an empty cone, even though everything has been cleaned.

This is how it should be:

To fix this issue, follow these steps:
1. Switch off your X10 using the switch on the back.
2. Remove the Grinding Cup.
3. While the Grinding Cup is still removed, switch your X10 back on. This should move the servo arm back to its correct position.
4. Place the Grinding Cup back in and try again.

If none of these steps resolve the problem, please contact us at hello@jroll.com for further assistance.

“-.-” Overload

The X10 Grinding Cup is strong but it has its limits, it can grind up to 10 grams of herbs at once, depending on the type of Herbs being used, but under any circumstances, the Herbs should never pass the Top Silicone ring.

If this Icon is displayed on your X10 screen while you fill it up with Herbs, it means that you have passed the limit and you will need to extract some herbs out.
Be careful of the grinding blades while you remove Herbs.

“Check” - Jammed Blades

If “Check” is displayed on your X10 screen it means that a Herbs are jamming the blades from turning.
To fix this, just remove the Grinding Cup from the X10, flip it over a tray and with your fingers twist the black Kuplung until the Herb is out.

Tip: Avoid Grinding big Herbs or Herb stamps, break the Herbs buds to pieces before tossing them in.

Jroll X10 App

Jroll App


You will be able to download the app soon for Android and iPhone.
Please note: at the moment the App can only perform the roll function cone remotely with a press of a button.

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