How much herbs can the X10 take on in total?

The Jroll X10 has been developed to allow for enough dry herb material to fill all of the 10 pre-rolled paper cones it can hold. The Jroll X10 comes with an integrated grinding and mixing unit is easily removable for cleaning. The unit will be sold separately as additional accessory – great for when the X10 is meant for more than one and each likes it different! Checkout our shop for prices. The Jroll X10 also comes
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Battery Performance

The Jroll X10 contains rechargeable batteries that will be able to prepare at least 50 perfect cones on a full charge. The Jroll X10 comes with a charging cable (USB C-type) The batteries are included and are not changeable. You can easily check the status of your battery via the menu. Battery status also appears when plugging in the X10.
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Does it have a warranty?

The X10 comes with a 1 year warranty. In order to receive warranty service, you must upon receipt of your purchase register your device on our website.
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