I still have not received my Jroll X10, what to do?

I still have not received my Jroll X10, what to do?

So, the expecting date of receipt has passed and you are still without your X10? Well, first of all we apologise, obviously, something went wrong and this is what you need to check:

  1. You can track your order with the number that was provided.
  2. You can check with your local post office, sometimes the big shipping companies use a 3rd party to deliver the package to you and that may take few additional days for you to receive your X10 on time.
  3. Nothing still? Please reach us out and let us know and we will do our best to solve this matter to make sure you receive your device asap.
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      On a mission to simplify the Art of Rolling, we recently launched our first product, the X10, which is now available on an limited first release.

      Please bear with us, as we are shipping in batches and new orders are expected to be dispatched in 14 days from purchase.

      Ready to elevate your experience to the next level? order now.

      Need to know more? Send us an email at hello@jroll.com