I still have not received my Jroll X10, what to do?

So, the expecting date of receipt has passed and you are still without your X10? Well, first of all we apologise, obviously, something went wrong and this is what you need to check: You can track your order with the…
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How can I cancel my order?

We aim to process orders as they come in, and once the order has been shipped out, it will not be possible to cancel the order. Having said that, un-opened devices purchased from Jroll.com can be returned for a refund…
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Can I make changes to an existing order?

Once an order has been placed, all wheels are in motion so making changes could get complicated, but in case you have an issue, please contact us and we will do our best to solve it.
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What kind of packaging should I expect to receive?

The X10 comes in a custom carry case and will be shipped to you in a rigid and very discrete non-branded box.
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Just in case I have changed my mind; Can I get my money back?

We all have a change of heart sometimes and we can understand, in case you experience this with our products we will refund your money. Please note that to qualify for a Refund you can do so up to 14…
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What comes with the Jroll X10 device?

The X10 device comes with Grind & Mix unit, 10 Jtubes (including caps), Multi-region X10 Charger, a brush and cleaning cloth. All this is nicely contained in a safe custom X10 carry case.
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When will I receive my X10?

Due to high demand, we aim to process and ship your order within 14 days. Upon checkout you will see the expected time it will take to ship your X10 to your address.
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