Does the X10 actually roll the paper cone?

No, technically the X10 does not roll paper into a cone, but holly smokes, it does make an awesome roll...
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How fast will the X10 grind its load?

That really depends on how much you put in and the characteristics of your herbs. By nature the X10 adjusts the grinding time automatically based on amount of herbs inserted - ranging from 20 to 60 seconds. In case you…
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What do I need the Jtubes for?

The “Jtubes” are primarily used to hold the paper cones and have been engineered specifically for the filling process so that you can create that perfect smoke every time. They also function as a case so you can always take…
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Can I mix herbs?

Yes you can! One of the features we are very proud of is our Grind & Mix unit. Ground material drops into the mixing chamber and ensures a consistent and even mixture when blending multiple herbs. * Cycle - Grinding…
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What’s the battery life like?

A single, full charge equals at least 50 fully filled king size cones. Battery levels can be checked at any moment via the menu. To recharge, use the USB-C charging cable provided.
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What pre-rolled cone sizes can I use?

Fit for royalty, the Jroll X10 holds king-size, pre-rolled paper cones. Our team is also currently testing the 1¼ size. More on this soon!
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How much herby goodness can the Jroll X10 handle?

The Jroll X10 can take enough herbs to fill 10 pre-rolled paper cones. The Grind & Mix unit is removable and also sold separately – this way, the X10 can roll using various blends for different times.
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Can I use any paper cones or just the official Jroll cones?

You can use any king-size, pre-rolled paper cones, although our official Jroll cones are designed specifically for the Jroll X10. 
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How do I use the Jroll X10 device?

On our 'How does it work' page, you will find short videos showing the way. Click here
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What is Jroll X10?

The Jroll X10 is a helpful, dependable and utterly lovable companion. Our all-in-one device can weigh, grind and mix your herbs, and can prepare up to 10 perfect cones per cycle with a press of a button.
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