Introducing the Jroll X10

The world’s first all in one device.
Elevate your experience and enjoy at the press of a button.


The Jroll x10 has an integrated scale which can help you to achieve the perfect ratio of herbs added. Enjoy consistent and perfect cones just the way you like every single time.


The unique grinding unit will work its magic without over grinding your herbs. Simply open the lid, add the herbs of your choice and press to grind.


Whether you like to mix or not, the Jroll X10 is for everyone. No other device can mix your herbs evenly and consistently creating a perfect cone every time.


Like it packed and filled to the top? The Jroll X10 puts you in control with adjustable packing and filling height modes. Ready to fill up to 10 perfect cones at the press of a button.

Never run out!

LED lights will show you how many pre-rolled cones you have left, so you are always a step ahead.


The Jtubes are versatile. Easy to load and easy to remove and take with you, simply pop the cap on and they’re ready for an outdoor adventure. Don’t worry in case you lose one, Jtubes will be made available separately.

Child Lock

The Jroll X10 comes with a child lock. This is an important safety feature which can be activated when needed, disabling the device until child lock is turned off.

Jroll X10 App

The X10 is wireless enabled! Keep track of your consumption and control your Jroll X10 remotely.