How does it work?


Five seconds is all it takes. Our Jtubes are remarkably easy to load.

Herbs, please

As easy as ABC. Take off the lid, toss in your goods, grind and mix. That’s it, you’re ready to roll.

Switching Modes

Twisting the top cap of your Jroll X10 gets you from one mode to the next. 

Easy to Clean

Keeping it live and kicking has never been easier. Simply take off the lid, remove the grind and mix unit for easy cleaning.

The Jtube

From the X10, on with the lid and into your pocket it goes. Our Jtubes are the best way to protect your goods on the go.

(Drum) Roll

While in “ROLL” mode, press the top button to fill a paper cone. Tadaaaaaa! The door opens and a cone is ready. Enjoy!

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