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General information

The Jroll X10 is a smart device which at the press of a button will weigh, grind, mix and prepare you up to 10 perfect smokes per cycle!

The “Jtubes” are primarily used to hold the paper cones and have been engineered specifically for the filling process so that you can create that perfect smoke every time. They also act as a case so you can always take it with you to go!

Yes you can! One of the features we are very proud of is our grinder and mixing unit. Ground material drops into the mixing chamber and ensures a consistent and even mixture when applying multiple herbs.

Yes but only the grinder and mixing unit which can be fully extracted from the Jroll X10. Cleaning once in a while is recommended and we made it as easy as possible for you. You can put it in the dishwasher, but you can also use alcohol wipes which are very effective as well.

You can use any king-size pre-rolled paper cones, although the Jroll official cones are better suitable and designed to fit the X10, creating better results consistently. Jroll paper pre-rolled cones will be made available for purchase soon!

That really depends on how much you put in and the characteristics of your herbs. By nature the X10 adjusts the grinding time automatically based on amount of herbs inserted. Ranging from 20 to 40 seconds, and in case you want to control the grind, no problem, just hold down the grind button in grind mode for the desired time.

For now the Jroll X10 has been developed to prepare King Size pre-rolled cones. Such as those provided by ourselves, but also other paper producers such a RAW pre-rolled King Size cones. Future sizes we are testing is 1 ¼ and King Size Slim. More on this soon!

The Jroll X10 has been developed to allow for enough dry herb material to fill all of the 10 pre-rolled paper cones it can hold.
The Jroll X10 comes with an integrated grinding and mixing unit is easily removable for cleaning. The unit will be sold separately as additional accessory – great for when the X10 is meant for more than one and each likes it different! Checkout our shop for prices.

The Jroll X10 also comes with 10 of our unique Jtubes. These function as compartments for holding the pre-rolled cones while in the X10, or with its cap as storage for on the go.

The Jroll X10 contains rechargeable batteries that will be able to prepare at least 50 perfect cones on a full charge.
The Jroll X10 comes with a charging cable (USB C-type)
The batteries are included and are not changeable.
You can easily check the status of your battery via the menu. Battery status also appears when plugging in the X10.

The X10 comes with a 1 year warranty. In order to receive warranty service, you must upon receipt of your purchase register your device on our website.


Our presale has ended on August 18th, we sorry you‘ve missed it.
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Presale is now closed!

Our presale has ended on August 18th, 2019.

A big THANK YOU to all our backers and everyone who supported us.
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We aim to start delivering our first products of the production line during 2021.
Important: Delivery dates as put on our website are estimated delivery dates. From the start, our team of engineers and designers have been pushing boundaries, and our schedule for delivery is also very challenging, but were are confident it is possible. However, we’re also in a large part dependent on our supplier base and test results. We are currently preparing our product for production, and although everything is going as planned, there will likely be things we have not yet foreseen. We have tried to include the contingencies in our planning, but since this is our first product and our organisation is being built while we’re moving forward at full speed, there remains a larger degree of uncertainty in the planning than compared with an established larger company.

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