A’ Design Silver Award – Jroll X10

In Industrial Design Category

The Silver A’ Design Award designation is an extraordinary important achievement, an enormously prestigious recognition granted to top-of-the-line designs that are gorgeous, sublime, admirable and outright impressive.
The Silver A’ Design Award designated designs are tremendously brilliant and exceedingly creative works that illustrate the outstanding expertise, talent and acuity of their designers. Designs that are bestowed with the revered Silver A’ Design Award title are expected to be wonderful, showpiece works that are remarkably professional and profoundly innovative.
A’ Design Award – Silver winner designs are highly notable, admired inventions that benefit and advance the boundaries of art, science, design and technology. Silver A’ Design Award designs stand for their strong technical characteristics, splendid artistic skill, original innovations, discerning emotional elements and insightful creativity. The Silver A’ Design Award recipient designs showcase a remarkable level of excellence and make the World a better place with their exceptional characteristics. Silver A’ Design Award winning works are vastly envied creations that evokes our desires, introduce positive feelings and sparkle amazement and wonderment in us.
Source: A’ Design Award Levels

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