About Us

The Jroll Family

We are a group of like-minded visionary’s who have been tirelessly working to bring our dream to reality.
It all started with the idea of creating a complete solution that could change people’s lives and elevate their experience to a new high, with just a press a button.

Our blazing motivation

We believe that getting your hands on that perfect cone should involve neither hassle nor time. It should be as simple as pressing a button.

That was our starting point, and through a blend of creativity, passion and dedication, that idea has now bloomed into reality with the launch of our first product, the Jroll X10.

We are on a mission to create innovative products that simplify and enhance the experience for all, with a vision that anybody can easily get the best out of their herbs.

Whether used recreationally or for medical purposes, the Jroll X10 offers ease of use and a discreet appearance that allows it to fade right into any room.

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