About Us

How it all Started

To enjoy a perfectly filled cone at the touch of a button! This was the inspiration behind our first product and idea that sparked the start of Jroll. We are a passionate bunch and love what we do! Innovation and creativity of our dedicated team of designers and engineers has turned our ideas and concepts into reality with the launch of the Jroll X10.

We Love What We Do!

Preparing that perfect cone is a struggle for many, and for some even physically impossible. The realisation that the X10 is more than a gadget and could benefit and improve the lives of those that need this in their daily routine for medical purposes, continuously motivates and drives us to make our products easy to use, reliable, durable and aesthetically designed to fit into any environment.

The Jroll Team

The Jroll X10 has been designed and engineered by some truly brilliant minds, and we are proud to have Daniel Pearlman, our product designer, and our team of Engineers as our partners.

Our mission is to create innovative and quality products that simplify and enhance the experience for all, with a vision that anybody and everybody can easily get the best out of their herbs.