About Us

The Jroll Family

We are a group of like-minded visionary’s who have been tirelessly working to bring our dream to reality.
It all started with the idea of creating a complete solution that could change people’s lives and elevate their experience to a new high, with just a press of a button

Our blazing motivation

We believe that getting your hands on that perfect cone should involve neither hassle nor time. It should be as simple as pressing a button.

That was our starting point, and through a blend of creativity, passion and dedication, that idea has now bloomed into reality with the launch of our first product, the Jroll X10.

We are on a mission to create innovative products that simplify and enhance the experience for all, with a vision that anybody can easily get the best out of their herbs.

Whether used recreationally or for medical purposes, the Jroll X10 offers ease of use and a discreet appearance that allows it to fade right into any room.

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      Thank you for your visit, we deeply appreciate your interest in the X10! At this moment we are sold out, but not to worry, as our next production is underway and it will be ready in few months.

      If you would like to be notified when we restock, please subscribe to our updates here.

      Thank you for your patience and understanding as we prepare more X10s for everyone!

      For any concerns or questions feel free to reach us out: hello@jroll.com