Introducing the Jroll x10

Weigh, Grind, Mix, Roll & Enjoy

like never before


The Jroll X10 has an integrated scale so you know your measures and you can achieve the perfect ratio of herbs consistently.


The Jroll X10 has been specifically designed to mix multiple herbs. No other device can mix your herbs evenly and consistently creating a perfect cone every time.

Smart Touch Button

Featuring LED lights indicating the number of cones available in the Jroll X10 and a Child-Lock for those moments you are away.


The Jroll X10’s smart design ensures a perfect grind every time. Easy to clean and sealed to eliminate odour. No more mess.


Like it packed and filled to the top?
The Jroll X10 puts you in control with adjustable packing and filling height modes. At the press of a button creating up to 10 perfect cones per full cycle!


Unique to the Jroll X10 is the grinder and mixing unit which is fully extractable for easy cleaning. It has been designed to grind your herbs evenly and consistently, allowing the ground material to exit the grinding chamber before turning into dust. The ground material is then properly mixed in the chamber below to ensure that even mixture.

Jroll x10

Maximize Your Jroll Experience

  • Roll on demand
  • Consumptions Statistics
  • Device Notification
  • Party Mode and more


The Jtubes are versatile and more than just tubes. Specifically designed and engineered for the Jroll X10, with an embedded spring that makes it easy to extract the cone.
The Jtubes come with a cap, so you can take and enjoy on the go.


Need to go?
No problem, just take out the Jtube,
pop on a cap and off you go!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use any paper cones or just the official Jroll cones?

You can use any king-size pre-rolled paper cones, although the Jroll official cones are better suitable and designed to fit the X10, creating better results consistently. Jroll paper pre-rolled cones will be made available for purchase soon!

How can I pre order ?

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